Social Copy Trading

Copy Trading

Want to get more from financial market trading & hone your skills? Use copy trading!

RCG offers a variety accounts that provide the blueprint to trade through copy trading. Select a trader you trust & commence your journey to financial success by copying their trades. The main principle of copy trading is reliability.

Copy trading is a step-up from older systems because of its safety, reliability & usability. It's simple and effective - an experienced trader opens their strategies for copying and determines the reward for it. As an investor you select a trader based on the criteria of profitability, drawdown, time on the account & connect to their strategy. The trader's strategy is automatically copied & applied to your account as an investor by making use of a specific program.

  • As an investor, your funds remain in your account
  • Trader ratings are transparent
  • You can exit the transaction at any time
  • Copying transactions is effected automatically
  • You set order limits independently

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