November 29, 2023

How to Become a Partner/IB with RCG Markets

1. Go to the RCG Markets Partner registration page:


2. Fill Out the Application Form

Provide us with all the required details. Ensure you fill out all fields accurately to prevent any potential delays in processing your application.


3. Agree to Terms and Conditions

 Before submitting your application, ensure you've read and understood RCG Markets' terms and conditions for partners or IBs.


4. Submit Your Application

After ensuring all the information is accurate and you've agreed to the terms, submit your application.


5. Await Approval

Once your application is submitted, the our team will review it. This may take some time, depending on our processing volume and other factors.


6. Start Promoting RCG Markets

Use the materials and support provided to promote our services to potential clients. Ensure you follow any guidelines or standards set when representing us.


7. Track and Receive Commissions

As a partner or IB, you'll earn commissions based on the business you bring in. Track your earnings and overall performance through RCG Markets IB Reporting System.


Remember, building a successful partnership requires time, effort, and dedication. Ensure you offer genuine value to your clients and work closely with us to make the most out of the partnership

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